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Do you want to lose weight or don’t you?

All the Excuses

I have been a coach in the weight loss industry for 22+ years. Trust me when I say I had heard every single excuse in the book. All with the idea that they are not excuses but good reasons. Sorry to disappoint but I can really count on one hand “TRUE “ acceptable reasons. When you want to lose weight and get healthy nothing will stand in your way. I have said for years “do you want to lose weight or don’t you.?” If you make the decision to change the way you eat and to move more it will be the most important thing to you and you will be successful. If you are doing it to please someone else you will find every reason not to do it.

1st step: WHAT?

What does a healthy lifestyle look like to me?

What will I gain from eating healthy and losing the extra pounds?

When I lose the weight What will I be able to do that I cant do now?

2nd step: How?

This is where the excuses seem to pop up. I am too busy. My family doesn’t want to eat healthy. I don’t want to cook two different meals…….no time to plan…we eat out all the time. Refer back to DO YOU want to lose weight or don’t you?

How will I prepare meals?

How will I fit in extra activity?

On my busy days, how will I plan for our meals?

3rd step: Why do I want to lose weight?

I know you want to feel better and get healthy. But this needs to be clearer than that. More Specific. Big and small. Little why’s lead to big successes. Ask yourself why do I want to live a healthy lifestyle today? Why do I want to lose weight? The list should be long and as you accomplish small ones cross them off and add NEW! I have kept my weight off for 20 years. My Why list is still long . My 2 strongest are: #1 I don’t have the energy to do this again so I have to stay on plan. #2 is and has been since day one I want to it my jeans in the dryer and be able to pull them out and put them on. I still try them on every time I wash my jeans.

4th and final step: STOP making excuses and do it!

I have a hashtag #idontsugarcoat and I don’t. I also challenge my members to do my #noacceptableexcuses challenge. A few times a year. You may think your “reasons“ are quality but 99% of the time to just one more avoidance. Stop making jokes, excuses and reasons why you can’t do it and just do what you need to to be successful! Perfections is not required but you and only you are responsible for your health and weight. So review your words and take responsibility for your journey. Pick a lane and get to it!

I want you to be successful and I know you can be if you are in it 100%. Again that does not mean you have to be perfect it means if you are not, you accept it, learn from it and move forward. No excuses needed. I would love to hear from you! Share your successes!

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